Is my teacher data secure?

Yes, all data in EvaluWise™ is stored securely on our servers. The data transferred to and from your computer/tablet is encrypted using industry standard 256-bit encryption.

What web browser can I use to access EvaluWise®?

Accessing EvaluWise from a browser is best done through Google's Chrome.

What types of tablets have an EvaluWise® app?

Part of your license will include free iPad app. This is available through the App Store.

What rubric/framework does EvaluWise® support?

EvaluWise® will work with most current research based rubrics. You can also build or use your own rubric as well.

Is there a way to test EvaluWise® before I purchase it?

Yes, there are actually two ways to test EvaluWise before purchasing. If you setup a new account you receive a 60-day trial that allows you to complete evaluations for two teachers. You have full access to all the features and can even configure your own rubric. A second option is to test EvaluWise using the interactive demo account. As part of your trial account you also have access to an interactive demo. This interactive demo has a basic rubric configured for you and allows you to begin testing EvaluWise with no setup needed.

How long will my trial account last?

Trial accounts have 2 licenses and are active for sixty days from the date it is created. You can create multiple teachers and create evaluations for two of the teachers in order to test out EvaluWise™.

If I setup a rubric in my trial account will I lose that information if I decide to purchase EvaluWise™?

No you won't lose your information. At the time of purchase we will convert your account from the trial to a subscription allowing you to keep all of your rubric, teacher, and evaluation information that you have entered.

Can my district use a Purchase Order to buy EvaluWise® Licenses?

Yes, you may use our online system and input a P.O. number. Upon completion of the order you will be emailed an invoice.

Can I upload my teachers all at once?

Yes, EvaluWise allows you to upload multiple teachers using a .csv file. The template is available under the Documentation section.